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Sea Wall



A Special Thanks.

We would like to say a special thank you to our customers for giving us the opportunity to be creative and put our passion into these projects. We also would like to thank you for allowing us to share your images as we are so very proud of the work we accomplished together. 

Sea Wall

Belleville, ON

Completed: Fall 2020


Water Trouble

Our customer approached us as they where experiencing flooding and water issues due to water seeping through the existing seawall. After a bit of digging we quickly found the problem and went straight to work to prevent damage to the properties.


We started by digging out around the old sea wall as it had become cracked and full of holes which was causing the water from the bay to flood in and wash away the sand around the sea wall leading to potentially major water problems for the property owners. 

Patch & Fill

We then patched the stone sea wall to prevent further water from entering and washing away the sand.

Stone stairs

Once patched we then filled the sea wall back up with new loads of sand. 

retaining wall

We then built a wood retaining wall to separate the yards of the home owners from the sea wall and new stone walkway we where about to install along the sea wall. 

Stone Walkway

Next to the seawall and wood retaining walls we laid a stone walkway to make use of the sea wall as a beautiful walkway along the water. 

The Finished Product


Once we completed the path we then touched up the lawns with fresh grass and the project was now complete. We are proud of this project as not only did we fix a large problem with water entering through the sea wall but we also took the opportunity to make a beautiful walkway with wood retaining walls for our clients to enjoy nice walks along the water. 


Have water issues? we can help!

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