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Custom Garage


A Special Thanks.

We would like to say a special thank you to our customers for giving us the opportunity to be creative and put our passion into these projects. We also would like to thank you for allowing us to share your images as we are so very proud of the work we accomplished together. 

Custom Garage

Thurlow, ON

Completed: Summer 2020


Built By us

We needed a custom garage to use as our shop and place to store our equipment and tools used for various projects. As well as a place to keep equipment stored safely that is only used seasonally. We started by creating a drawing of what we needed and came up with a unique and modern design for the exterior. We then worked with a local engineering firm to make sure our drawings where up to code. We then started building. 

A Good Foundation

We got started by digging out a nice flat area for our foundation. We then brought in the cement truck and began to pour. Then we ended up with a nice flat foundation we where super happy with. 


Once the foundation was set and dry we started framing right away. The framing went together beautifully and the custom garage started to take shape. 

Truss Worthy

We had our trusses built and delivered by a local company to create a structurally sound sloped roof to allow for great drainage and a modern look. 

Walls, Windows and Siding


We then added plywood to the walls, put in the windows and started adding a dark grey siding with natural wood accents. The custom garage is starting to come together beautifully.

We completed the siding and now it is time to install our roll up doors. 

Once the doors where added we where now almost complete. Next we just need to wire in the lighting. 



We then added modern accent lights to the outside of the garage, to illuminate it for when working at night and to brighten up the façade. 

Want to build a custom garage?

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