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Backyard Escape


A Special Thanks.

We would like to say a special thank you to our customers for giving us the opportunity to be creative and put our passion into these projects. We also would like to thank you for allowing us to share your images as we are so very proud of the work we accomplished together. 

BackYard Escape

Belleville, ON

Completed: Spring 2018


A New home 

When our clients reached out to us they had just purchased their brand new home.


Everything was great and the house was perfect for them but the yard just didn't match the overall aesthetic and beauty of the house.


The owners of the house like spending time outside together cooking and entertaining guests. They reached out to us and offered us a blank canvas, so together we created a vision and began creating their dream landscape to match their dream home. 

Stone Walkways

We first setup the grading of the yard so that it could get optimal drainage from rain. We then started placing stone from the driveway, creating, front steps and gardens in the front then wrapping around the side of the house through to the multi level backyard patios. 


We built a gas fireplace on the first patio with stone bench sets to provide plenty of room for guests to sit. We also added lighting to the bottom of the bench seats to help add ambiance and some extra light during night time dining and relaxation.

Stone Patios

We then built a multi level stone patio that goes from a custom built fireplace to the main cooking and dining area up to an elevated seating are over looking the back yard. 


We lined the walkways with lush gardens and featured a large garden that spans almost the entire front of the house. 

We then added beach stone behind the back gardens to make for easy maintenance at hard to reach areas and to allow for great water irrigation. 

Fencing & custom gate

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Our customer wanted a wood fence and unique custom gate, so together we designed a gate that would give you a grand entrance into the beautiful back yard patios.  


     When working with our customer we found they really enjoy sitting outside on nice summer nights. We wanted to make sure the yard was as well lit as possible so that at night they could enjoy every detail and make it so they could entertain and relax late into the night. We installed the lighting to be virtually hidden by placing it strategically throughout the gardens and right in the brick so that during the day it doesn't take away from the natural look of the landscape. 

Before & After

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